Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Road to Afrofest 2015

Photo by RSO Photography IG: Officialrsophotography
What is good beautiful people! I'm glad to announce that I am officially back. I'm super excited to continue this journey and hope that it only gets better. Last year early July I attended Afrofest for the very first time. For those who have never heard of this event Afrofest was created by Music Africa it is a two-day African festival that occurs in Toronto each and every year. The event features artist, musicians, designers, DJ's and many more dope Africans. It creates a platform where people from across and outside the GTA  come together to socialize, dance, shop and an opportunity to learn and embrace the different diasporic cultures. 
I loved everything about the vibes, music, food, and people. Leaving the festival on a high, I had a idea to create a outfit just for this event as a way to get myself out there and to promote my blog. After brainstorming I decided to add a few of my close friends to help. 

We went to Ceektex International LTD. at this store you will find anything from Chale wote's (GH slippers) to Ghana mom handbags, and of course a wide variety of material for any event. 

A huge Thank you to the uncle who helped us

One of the major complications of planning this was when our seamstress at the time bailed on us 3 days before the festival. 

To be completely honest, I shed a few tears. It was quite upsetting because we gave her material almost 3 weeks before the festival so none of the excuses she said were valid. However, this moment taught me to not give up easily in any situation. Shit happens, smile :)
car selfie
My sister and I searched online and knocked on a few doors in the hopes of finding someone who was willing to take on the challenge of making clothes for six girls within two days for a reasonable price. God came through and eased the last minute shambles. A HUGE thank you to Auntie Akos, she was the wonderful person who took time out of her daily schedule to make the biggest consideration for us. She's a amazing seamstress and I highly recommend her. Above all, this was one experience. An idea that started off as a thought coming to life is pretty dope to experience, even if things go wrong. It challeneged myself as a person and tested my drive. I would like to thank all the people who continue to push me daily. Even if I do not say it enough please know that you are appreciated. 
May God Bless you all xx
RSO Photography  IG: Officialrsophotography

My beautiful sisters


Clothing made by Auntie Akos If you would like to contact her email me at


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